What We Do?

Diamond Property Consulting, Inc. provides professional landscaping services to homeowners and other property associations

Our Services Include

Design and Installation


Yard Storm Water Drainage


Transform Your Yard. Add Some Curb Appeal or a Patio to Your Property.

Designing the Master Plan
We work with our clients to design a landscaping master plan that is perfect for your property in terms of both form and function.

Constructing Landscapes
From installing exterior lighting to paving walkways, constructing arbors, and planting greens – we offer an extensive range of landscape construction services.

We take a methodical approach to make sure you have that LAWN OF YOUR DREAMS become a reality. Our landscaping experts are skilled at DESIGNING, MAINTAINING, and IRRIGATING lawns and gardens in the most COST-EFFICIENT manner.

Hate when you have to weed, prune, and mow your lawns? Let our landscaping team take over and do the hard work on your behalf!

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Whatever your needs might be, we assure you that Diamond Property Consulting, Inc. has both the experts and the experience to do it right.