A leader in construction with a in-house team that delivers world-class projects in the multi-family residential sector

Our team is driven by a shared passion to build, no matter what we’re building or how we’re building it. By employing and protecting a specialized team of more than 100 in-house tradespeople, we can ensure better safety, more collaboration and greater quality. With a robust team of professional drywallers, painters, carpenters, electricians and laborers in-house, Diamond Property Consulting delivers even more value to our clients by self-performing essential construction work.

General contractor

We work with our clients collaboratively throughout the life of a project. This approach requires Diamond Property Consulting to be proficient in an array of disciplines across the construction spectrum. From pre-construction to building information management. Our teams deliver experience and success throughout each phase of the project with detailed communication and timelines.

Commercial snow/ice management

Snow and ice management is one of the most important landscaping services for companies in colder regions. A quick response to snow and ice allows you to keep doing business, welcoming customers and visitors to your property while helping them stay safe.

We provide the following services in-house for the last 10+ years:
  • – Storm Response
  • – Risk Reduction with Ice Melts
  • – In-House Dispatch Service
  • – Real-Time Monitoring

Concrete/Asphalt services

Concrete: Concrete flatwork surfaces include walkways, curbs, concrete aprons, sidewalks, driveways, and more. Concrete is the best material for flatwork due to its ability to form perfectly flat and even surfaces. Diamond Property Consulting is a leader in concrete flatwork technology. We offer many concrete solutions to turn your project ideas into a reality from curbs, sidewalks, driveways, columns and steps.

Asphalt: With decades years of experience, our team of paving professionals specializes in all aspects of the paving process; from grading and compaction to the final asphalt layering. We use only the best quality equipment and materials to ensure an attractive and sturdy structure that will last for years to come.

Outdoor living environments

Creating a beautiful hardscape and landscape for apartment buildings helps property managers attract and retain tenants. A well groomed and immaculate outdoor living spaces provides value and environmental sustainability. We help not only design + build but also maintain a cost effective plan for lawn areas, plant beds and tree care through our careALL® program.

Outdoor structures

Our landscape design and construction approach ensure our customers achieve both aesthetics and value. In addition to our hardscape and landscape, we elevate the outdoor spaces by providing sustainable pavilions, decks and porches to any residential living community. We help to work with properties to design outdoor spaces for their tenants. If you have an existing space, we can help design + build within existing environments as well as creatively architect a plan for a new space. At Diamond Property Consulting we are full service from design + build + maintain.

Storm drainage

Storm water drainage systems are created using inlets that are positioned along sidewalks, curbs, and streets. These inlets then redirect runoff to underground pipes and are not connected to sewer pipelines. The runoff water is then released into a pond, river, or the ocean. Improperly built storm drains could leak toxic contaminants into these bodies of water. It’s a matter of public health that these drainage systems are built by experts. We create custom drainage solution plans for your property that are built in with years of sustainability and scalability.

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