All your property maintainance needs in one place

Diamond Property Consulting Inc. staffs an all-around team of tradesmen that provide a full line of services. This is known as our CareALL® package, which was created to meet your every need. Ongoing maintenance services may include anything from touch up painting to light electrical to fixing that leaky faucet and beyond. Small scale and cosmetic renovations like a kitchen or bathroom overhaul are a great way to upgrade your property and increase return on investment. Our team of trusted service partners allows us to seamlessly and cost effectively turn units over from one tenant to the next.

Building maintenance & facility management services

From highly trained and certified teams to 24/7 Emergency Response. We provide innovative technology to immediately be able to respond with accuracy and priority to work orders. In addition, we can help with supply procurement through our national network of suppliers, while working with your preferred vendors and providing oversight.

Comprehensive HVAC maintenance & service program

Our team has certified-expert technicians that can help with routine to emergency service calls in addition to preventative maintenance. Our HVAC team provides residential communities with a sense of comfort and security within their living environment. We are proud to have this in house team that provides year round support to our properties.

Landscape & ground maintenance services

From full-service landscape crews to janitorial service, we ensure every property is safe and detailed in every step tenants may take. We want to provide a sense of comfort and cleanliness to our properties. We are able to do this through seasonal cleanups, fertilization, weekly maintenance, routine cleaning, and litter patrol.

Invested in quality, invested in you.

To encompass every service that is needed for your property or facility to run smoothly. Our promise to you is to maximize value and partnership while we mitigate risks and improve cost efficiency. Our careALL® package is built to meet your every need.

Ready to take it to the next level?