Renovations optimized to maximize
return on investment

Renovations and value adds to multifamily and other association communities is much more challenging than similar projects on stand-alone homes. Diamond Property Consulting excels at renovating for multi-family communities because we understand the needs of individual owners with the legitimate and effective approach to bettering the community.

Design + Build

Diamond Property Consulting provides multi-family owners a full range of renovation services. Our in house team is experienced in both vacant and occupied unit renovations, giving us the ability to adapt to your specific needs and timelines. We are able to create beautiful designs with your interior design team, in a design-build contract or offer quality construction services performed by our internal tradesmen for renovations and new construction.

Expertise + Trust

Once Diamond Property Consulting is awarded a multi-family residence project, our skilled team of in-house craftsman and project managers step in to execute high-quality and efficient standards, whether for a multi-story high-rise or multi-family property complex. We are able to work on nearly any part of a multi-family residence, including: interior renovations, exterior facades, entryways, exterior structures, exterior envelopes and windows, lobbies and common areas, fitness centers, and pools.

The DPC advantage

Our construction services include several guiding principles and services that help us ensure customer satisfaction and quality, both of which are paramount. These principles are:

Minimal disruptions: Whether it’s happening in a lobby or a nearby unit, the interruptions and sounds of construction can be frustrating in any environment, but especially where you live.

Low-risk estimations: We aim to make our estimates as accurate as possible to minimize expensive change orders and help clients fully understand a project’s costs.

Safety plans: Our in-house safety team organizes thorough, regular inspections of construction sites, and we comply with all appropriate building codes and regulations for construction practices that promote everyone’s safety.

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